Thursday, February 28, 2013

Postscript: Concluding Thoughts on Public K-12 Reform

In the 24 February 2013 edunationredux blog post, public K-12 change proposals by Stanford education professor Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond (appearing in The Washington Post, "The Answer Sheet"), were severely criticized.  

Critique was not because the eloquent goals were inappropriate for present public K-12, but because the proposals appeared to be terminally short on actionable parameters, and offer the opening for simply more US educational bureaucracy, with expenditures unmatched by assessment protocols and accountability, and the opening for more opportunists to step onto the public K-12 reform stage with primarily profit-motivated entries.

Negativity may have also been influenced by the noted but never referenced appearance of Professor Darling-Hammond in the roster of educators who reviewed the Common Core State Standards for reading and math, standards criticized in yesterday's "The Answer Sheet" by Dr. Diane Ravitch.

But having historically visited much more of Dr. Darling-Hammond's work, the post seemed out of context with her immense scholarship.  Accordingly, back to the search engine to look for better understanding.  That awareness is found in many places, but one evocative of her erudition and educational excellence is the "Third Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research," prescient, published five years ago in 2007, and remarkable scholarship.  It is linked here, and should be read.

This writer still disagrees with the original proposals advanced in "The Answer Sheet," until they reappear wrapped in nomenclature that conveys a capacity for practical implementation, but apologies are due and offered the post's authors for the sharpness of criticism.


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