Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SQUINTS Preview: 1/30/2012

The next SQUINTS is prompted by the confluence of issues raised in the two prior blogs and a recent opinion piece -- the two priors, needed research on what reliably works in K-12, and the integration of evolving digital technologies into classroom learning functions.

The recent opinion piece also hit the target.  By a researcher at the Economic Policy Institute, its key point is that the present K-12 reform bulldozer doesn't line up with the facts.  The piece is linked here.

From the prior SQUINTS, what stands out is that current reform efforts are targeting the learning product after it has been assembled, with virtually no expressed interest in improving what goes into the process of creating that learning.  The model violates every principle of contemporary quality assurance. An analogy is by fiat scrapping every vehicle on America's roads that doesn't get 50 mpg, to raise fuel efficiency.

The coming SQUINTS will attempt to survey what honest research and development are still needed to actually functionally improve K-12 schools.

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